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New TRADEIT website project area
New TRADEIT website project area

A project area has been added to the TRADEIT website. The purpose of the page is to provide access to online tools that will be used during the project as well as providing access to the project calendar and training material. In the coming weeks additional features will be added to meet team collaboration requirements identified by project team such as Members News and Upcoming Events.

To access the members intranet portal page
Go to the TRADEIT website and click on the the Project Login on the top right of the page. You will be asked to enter a username ( your email addess) and a unique password that will be issued to you over the next few days.


The calendar will display key project dates set by the Project Office. It will be possible to scroll forward to see upcoming key dates.

Collaboration links
The portal includes links to each of the collaboration tools used within the TRADEIT Intranet including

  • Google Drive - for document storage and collaboration (all partners)
  • Google Calendar - for managing TRADEIT meeting and events among the partners (all partners)
  • Newsweaver - for managing project emails and event invitations (Project Office and Hubs only)
  • Electronic Market - scheduled for release late March (placeholder link only)

Access to each of the above tools will require separate login details, which have already been provided to the appropriate partners.

Social media links
Provides links to TRADEIT social media sites

Other links
Currently these include include links to Profile, Training and Technology pages. Content for these pages are still under development.

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