Dear TRADEIT Network, 

TRADEIT has collected lists of research needs from its network (thank you!) however,  to make more convincing arguments for funding solutions specific examples of research & development needs are required. 

Therefore, we are now asking you the network to help  -  by providing short examples of your research and development needs in the categories relevant to your company.

This is a exciting and real opportunity to voice the needs of the Artisan and Traditional food producers and to drive funding towards SME food producers. 

A short questionnaire has been prepared - it will take less than 5 minutes - the results of which can potentially influence future funding topics. 

These free-form answers may range from a few words to a few sentences in order to describe your needs. If any question is not relevant to your needs, just pass to the next question.

To  provide your input click on SURVEY

The Irish TRADEIT hub will respond to the information developing workshops and activities to address key areas - your input is appreciated! 

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