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Murphy's Ice Cream – Logistics Technology Helping SME's to Access New Markets

Murphy’s Ice Cream is produced in Dingle in the extreme southwest of Ireland by brothers Kieran and Seán Murphy. Using the finest local ingredients and a range of unique flavours and concepts, the Murphys have produced a unique range of ice-creams which are now available from their shops in Dingle (2), Killarney, The Cliffs of Moher, Dublin and, most recently in Palma, Majorca, a very popular destination for Irish tourists. 

Murphy’s deliver ice cream to their network of shops using refrigerated transport. To maintain ice cream in peak condition, the temperature needs to be maintained within a specific range.To get to their new shop in Majorca, Murphy’s Ice Cream has to pass through several sets of hands on its way from one island to the other. Murphys needed to be sure that the temperature of the ice cream is constantly controlled and monitored

Murphys connected with Blulog through the TRADEIT Marketplace and Jeromy from Blulog met JP from Murphys at the TRADEIT Food Safety Brokerage Event in IT Tralee. Blulog now supply Murphys with credit card sized data loggers that are included in each shipment of ice cream from Dingle to Majorca. The logger sends an update on the ‘vital statistics’ of the shipment to a Blulog hub every 10 minutes. This data can be downloaded and analysed by the customer at any time. If the conditions deviate from any of the parameters set for the shipment, the customer will get a SMS alert, telling them that the shipment is approaching one of its limits. 

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