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Blulog - Data Loggers for Refridgerated Storage and Transportation

Blulog is a Polish-French Company specialising in credit-card sized data loggers for the transportation and storage of food and other perishable items.
The blulog NFC Data Logger enables full temperature traceability during the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Upon arrival of the package, a diode (that can be personalized) indicates immediately if the cold chain has been breached. The whole temperature history can be then directly accessed from any smartphone equipped with the NFC technology along with GPS and shipping information
The blulog radio frequency datalogger measures and stores temperature in a given location every 10 minutes. A holder is provided with each logger for easy wall installation. A Temperature + humidity version is also available
The blulog hub receives the temperature measurements from all the RF data loggers connected with it. Connected to the Internet via Ethernet or GPRS, it enables real-time and remote monitoring, as well as SMS and email alerts
The blulog web application enables real-time, remote and simultaneous monitoring of all the RF dataloggers, directly from any device connected to the Internet. It also provides graphs, temperature reports and extracts. All parameters of the loggers, such as temperature limits, description or location can be precisely set
View blulogs profile on the tradeit marketplace by clicking HERE. More information can be found on the Blulog Website

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