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Lesson 6: Technology Can Make Planning Easier
Lesson 7: Create Opportunities
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Lesson 7: Create Opportunities
Food Safety Brokerage Event

This brokerage event, the last in the series, addressed the very significant subject of food safety. It brought together food producers and experts in food safety from across Europe. The aim was to present technologies suitable for traditional food producers and to facilitate the exchange of best practice in this vital topic of food safety.

As with earlier brokerage events, this programme provided a combination of presentations, meetings and pitches between traditional food producers, food safety experts and food safety technology providers. The main topics on the agenda were:

  • Detection of Food Contamination
  • Tracking, Tracing and Authentication of Foods
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Novel Technologies for Safe Food Processing

On Day 2, participants visited local food companies and had the opportunity to engage in further networking. Bi-lateral meetings took place organised around specific food safety themes and people has the opportunity to book face to face meetings, both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to academia (B2A).

The event provided artisan food producers, from all sectors, with an opportunity to discuss common food safety challenges and to share best practice ideas amongst themselves and through access to experts and researchers in the subject.

What distinguished this event from other brokerage events was the timing. Arranged to coincide with the famous Dingle Food Festival, TRADEIT producers has the opportunity to participate in the EuroFoodVision marquee where they had an opportunity to showcase their products and meet with major food buyers from the Irish and UK markets who were attending the Dingle Food Festival.

The EuroFoodVision marquee was located in the heart of the festival and, although initially closed to the public to provide food producers with an opportunity to talk to buyers, it was later opened to allow Festival visitors to sample food from a range of TRADEIT affiliated producers.  While not allowed to sell their products, producers could offer samples on a stall within the marquee and display their food products and marketing materials.

Several producers had detailed discussions with buyers and gained feedback on their products and approaches to the marketplace. Many more people sampled the products when the marquee was opened to the public and people continued to visit in great numbers until the close of the day.

The feedback from the public and from the buyers provided a massive confidence boost to many of the producers.  Running the brokerage events to coincide with the food festival, gave the food producers the opportunity see what other food producers are doing; it gave them a chance to sample others producers products and most significantly to look for opportunities to find me markets for their own products, through access to buyers and the public in general.

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