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„Innowacja może karmić tradycję – obydwie muszą żyć razem”
Brokerage Event: Innovative Technologies for the Dairy Sector
June 18th-19th, Poznan, Poland
Innovative Technologies for Traditional Dairy Producers

If you have a business that uses or produces dairy products then the 'Innovative Technologies for Traditional Dairy Producers' conference and brokerage event is one that could really boost your business.

The European Commission will fund the travel costs of a number of qualifying dairy producers.

Some of the brightest developers of new technology for the Dairy industry will be bringing the latest thinking to our event in Poznań. Combining a cutting edge conference on the latest developments accessible to Small Food Producers with an opportunity to meet the developers and network with European Dairy producers, this is an opportunity to really move your business forward.

Why participate?
  • Get the latest information on innovative dairy technologies
  • Meet and network with similar producers from across Europe
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects
  • Meet key R&D players offering services to small and medium enterprises
  • Showcase your business and technologies
  • Improve, diversify and innovate to gain market share
  • Short, focused 20 minute meetings to foster effective networking

If you wish to explore further please contact your Hub Advisor.
Visit the event website
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