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Lesson 6: Technology Can Make Planning Easier
Lesson 7: Create Opportunities
Lesson 8: Remember to build in some downtime for participants to meet informally
Lesson 9: Venue choice and layout are important
Lesson 10: Reflection and follow-up are vital
Brokerage Events Review: Lessons from TRADEIT – Part II
Editor’s by-line
by Joan Lockyer

The completion of the Brokerage Events is an important TRADEIT milestone, so two newsletters focuses on the contribution to the project that these events have made so far. This newsletter is part II focussing on the TRADEIT Brokerage Events and the other five lessons learned.

The act of brokerage is bringing together individuals with a common interest. This may be a problem to solve, a solution to offer or a different approach that needs to be tested or explored.  The common threads have been technology and innovation. Through brokerage we have aimed to create an opportunity to link a diverse range of stakeholders (SME, technology providers, researchers and innovators) from across Europe through an event with the aim of providing unique opportunities for participants to gain insight into the value and impact of innovation support interventions in atypical sectors. Over the series of six events we have evolved a model of brokerage that provides an example of good practice for the communication of technological advances and innovation to TFP SMEs in the dairy, meat and bakery sectors. In addition to the sector specific events, we have run brokerage events that are cross-sectoral, focusing on sustainability, packaging and food safety.

These two newsletters will provide a snapshot of the highlights of each of the brokerage events undertaken throughout 2015. We have tried to draw out the main lessons learned from our experience and used them to provide a summary of 10 recommendations for planning and executing effective brokerage events. The articles spell out the detail, but here is a summary of the 10 lessons learned from TRADEIT’s events:

Lessons Part I (previous Newsletter, issue 9):

  • Learn from each other as well as from the experts.
  • Consider the benefits of linking to a major International exhibition.
  • Keep it real and keep it relevant to the audience.
  • Use your networks.
  • Use tours and practical demonstrations.

Lessons Part II:

  • Technology can make planning easier.
  • Create business opportunities.
  • Remember to build in some downtime for the participants to meet informally.
  • Venue choice and layout are important.
  • Reflection and follow-up after the event is vital.
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