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Bakery Brokerage Event

The TRADEIT project is going to host 6 technology related brokerage events, which will address the key business, innovation and technological needs of the Traditional Agri-food sector. The events will be themed, Bakery, Meat, Dairy, Packaging, Sustainabiity and Food Safety.

The Bakery Brokerage event wil take place on Novemeber 6th & 7th, hosted by ILU  in Potsdamm.  The event will explore the changing image of the craft baker, baker gastronomy, regionalsupplychains and new strategiesformarketdevelopment. The attendess will be a mix of technology exhibitors, food enterprise and reserarchers in the key areas allied to the bakery sector.

If you are interested in attending please contact you local Hub here, (there is a limited number of travel bursaries available for food producers to attend these events).

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